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1. General Introduction

In theory, if one were able to tap a particle to create a domino effect of particles, one could possibly identify the oscillation, or the systematic back and
forth swinging cycle between the minimum and maximum values of the particle’s movement. The Nexense Technology measures oscillation as a means of
detecting energy transformation through matter at a signal to noise ratio of 190 Db, as opposed to currently available state-of-the-art 100 Db to 120 Db
sensor systems. This translates into a 10,000 to 100,000 times higher accuracy level than current state-of-the-art sensing technologies. The oscillation
retrieved by our sensing unit is then transformed, via complex mathematical algorithms, into a wide range of cohesive data. Our unique sensing &
measurement approach enables unlimited data collection with acute, near molecular precision, that can be extracted via measuring energy levels equal to
one molecule energy, in theory.

2. Nexense Technological Introduction                                   

The main breakthrough of Nexense Technology is the ability to convert any physical phenomenon to time, and we have found a unique way of measuring
time precisely. Nexense measures the readout as a digital value and this allows us to maintain a signal to noise ratio that may reach the theoretical limit.

How do we differ?
The conventional way to measure distance today is to send a pulse of energy and wait for the elapsed time between the transmission and the reception of
the echo. This time measurement may easily be translated to distance provided that the speed of the pulse is known. The main problem with this classical
approach is the need to measure picoseconds resolution, a task that is almost impossible with the existing state of the art technology. The revolutionary
breakthrough of the Nexense Technology is its ability to send many pulses of energy simultaneously, accumulating and calculating the accumulated time
of return, in real time. To achieve this effect, Nexense designed a special way of modifying the transmitted pulse in such a way that it will be recognized on
its return. In most cases, the transmission of the pulse doesn’t leave the sensor itself, which makes Nexense sensors non radiating, passive devices. 

Nexense Technology Merits

Accuracy: The Nexense core, generic sensing technology allows for highly precise measurements in real time. The technology drastically reduces the
noise ratio to 190 Db, as opposed to the current high-end market levels of 100 to 120 Db. This level of performance allows for the sensing products to
execute tasks completely non-invasively and without any radiation.
In addition, this level of performance enables complete and precise measurement readings of molecular activity. Parameters previously not measurable are
now easily and accurately measured. The technology allows measurements of near molecular level precision, taking physical measurements almost to the
theoretical limit.

Flexibility: The Nexense sensing technology is a generic platform that can be applied to virtually any measurement stipulations. Traditional sensor devices
and products utilize several primary measurement standards to measure a limited range of physical phenomenon. The Nexense Technology core platform
possesses the ability to measure all physical measurement stipulations with near molecular precision.

Cost Effective:  As a rule, when the level of accuracy is significantly raised on a sensing unit, the cost is disproportionately raised to extremely high levels
as well. The simplicity of the Nexense generic sensing platform allows for cost savings from the development cycle, to manufacturing, all the way to mass-
market distribution.

Nexense Technology may be used in wide range of Fields:

Test equipment and many more

Physical Parameters that can be measured by Nexense Technology:

Angular Velocity

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